Our Focus for 2016: ANIMAL AVENGERS is currently supporting anti-poaching units, vets & various people & projects in Africa who are protecting & saving endangered animals, supporting the surrounding communities, educating our youth & working at government levels to create lasting change. 


Rhino Pride Foundation

The Rhino Pride Foundation came into being in 2015 after Dr. Jana Pretorius (Founder) realized that there is a great need for the physical protection of the remaining rhinos, thus to prevent poaching before it even happens. Coupled with this, of course, is the need to have measures in place for the rapid & appropriate response to poaching events to ensure that each poached animal gets the necessary veterinary... Rhino Pride ›

Pit-Track K9 Anti-Poaching Unit

PIT-TRACK is a K-9 conservation unit, & through our extensive K-9 training & operations in the field, the K-9's function in anti-poaching is irreplaceable by man or machine; as we patrol & lie in ambush in some of the most dangerous territories in the world, in pitch darkness.

Made up of highly passionate & dedicated, self-funded operators & team members... Pit-Track ›

Friends Of Hwange

Friends Of Hwange are solely responsible for all of the water pans in & around the Main Camp area of Hwange National Park. Without their tireless efforts & love of the animals, there would absolutely be no water during the dry season in this area of the park.

The funding for National Parks now is very low. So without the suppor... Friends of Hwange › 

Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust

Given the challenges surrounding the government funding for conservation areas, the North West Parks & Tourism Board... Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust ›


AWARE is the only veterinary conservation trust in Zimbabwe run by veterinarians, focusing on the welfare of wildlife and... AWARE Trust ›


Tikki Hywood Trust

The Tikki Hywood Trust strives to bring awareness and sound conservation practice to the plight of lesser known and endangered... Tikki Hywood Trust ›