Okay, so we all like shopping, right? And shopping online has definitely become the easiest way to get anything done. And the least expensive! So why not take it a step further and SHOP FOR GOOD? If you shop on either Amazon Smile or through a retailer on GoodShop , then you're supporting a charity at the same time. How amazing is it that we can basically give to charity every time we're spending money anyway, without spending any more money?? And Animal Avengers is a registered non-profit with both. 


Looking for a good way to spring clean? How about spring clean for good? Now you can sell that old or unused stuff on EBAY and name Animal Avengers as your charity. Yes, you can declutter and give to charity at the same time!


Sometimes we just feel more comfortable buying supplies for people who need them rather than giving money. I completely understand this since that's exactly what Animal Avengers does for organizations in Africa. We are buying them the supplies they need, installing solar pumps, creating collaborations, whatever we can. So this is your chance to buy in-kind for some of the groups there who have given us their list of supplies they so desperately need. They can be bought right on Amazon, and when you name Animal Avengers as your Amazon Smile charity, you'll be giving in two ways. You'll be buying the product they have asked for and then Amazon will be giving a small percentage of that purchase back to the charity. So it's a win-win! 


This was my namesake, Lizzie, at feeding time. She was whining for her milk. It's absolutely the sweetest sound you've ever heard. Listen closely right in the beginning!

Sadly, this is also the cry they make as they watch their mother die right in front of them after a brutal poaching.