Nobody seems to be supporting the rangers and anti-poaching units in South Africa from a political side. So we're stepping in to give them the assistance they're asking for & desperately need. We are putting a team together to oversea environmental court cases while seeking permission from Parliament to reimplement an Environmental Court System throughout the country. Currently prosecutors are overworked, underpaid and sometimes under-qualified. Our goal is to step in and help.

In addition, we have partnered with Adrenalised Diving in Cape Town to assist with any cases of sick or injured marine animals they come across in their daily excursions. We are forming a team or qualified individuals that can be called upon at a minute's notice to step in and help as situations arise. Unfortunately, this won't always be able to happen on a strictly volunteer basis. So we're starting our Emergency Marine Fund to ensure that no animal is denied care due to lack of resources.

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Animal Avengers, c/o MGO, Genny Crisostomo, 2029 Century Prk E, Suite 1500, Los Angeles, California 90067, USA.

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