Our Mission

“Utilizing conservation and education as stepping stones towards a future where humans live in harmony with wildlife.”

The Tikki Hywood Trust strives to bring awareness and sound conservation practice to the plight of lesser known & endangered animals globally. We aim to increase awareness of the conservation tool that is legislation & are constantly seeking ways of improving & upholding the laws that protect fauna & flora.

As the Tikki Hywood Trust, we operate as a 24 hour wildlife rescue centre & are also available to advise or assist wild animal cases around Africa & the globe. We have an expansive view of conservation & preservation of all species & therefore also ardently campaign the cause of animal rights & welfare worldwide.

In addition to these conservation efforts, we run successful captive breeding & release programs throughout Zimbabwe, in an effort to augment dwindling wild populations.

Illegal Wildlife Crime in Zimbabwe

The Tikki Hywood Trust has been working with the different departments of the Judiciary in Zimbabwe for the past three years, with what we believe to be very positive & successful outcomes using the law as a deterrent for illegal wildlife trade. Illegal wildlife trade is a rapidly growing industry, which we feel all Governments & Countries need to not only be aware of, but become more actively involved with in curbing the growing trends.